Dallin Kopp


Oakwyn Realty Downtown Ltd.


There is certainly no shortage of licensees out there. Narrowing down the right choice, it’s important to know each licensee operates differently. Finding someone you click with and feel comfortable expressing your hopes and expectations, doubts and concerns make this already stressful milestone by nature, much more enjoyable. Buying and selling is quite the adventure. You need someone to answer questions you may not even know to ask.
Now just like every licensee is different, every buyer and seller remain unique as well. Many enjoy having everything taken care of and done for them while others who enjoy the same, find the process intriguing and like to be involved and kept up to date with the current market. Some like to be in control of everything and only require assistance with certain tasks along the way. Regardless of the level of engagement you choose, I’m here in whatever capacity suits your needs. These are all discussions that are beneficial and worth having a brief chat about. 
For those strange hours you suddenly have a panic attack and realize something extremely important you forgot to mention or an immediate concern should arise, you’re going to want to feel like you can send over that message.
An elevated level of trust between you and myself is essential and from that, a type of relationship forms. My efforts provide unbiased advice and complete transparency, keeping your best interest at heart.
With this in mind, I want your decision of representation to be based off your own comfortability and due diligence. Whether it’s myself or another licensee, keep in mind these few things and go as far as taking us up on the free home evaluations we all offer. This will give you a good excuse to get to know the person you’re dealing with and make a better decision.