Ultimate Guide to Buying a Penthouse in Vancouver

Vancouver penthouses are the ultimate in luxury condo living. While you’re looking to spend anywhere between $1 million and $11 million in Vancouver, penthouses are worth the money for many wealthy people for the perks that come along with them. If you’re interested in buying a Vancouver penthouse or Surrey penthouse, keep reading. 

  1. What is your lifestyle like?
  2. Choosing your realtor
  3. What kind of amenities is important to you?
  4. What neighbourhoods are your favourite?
  5. Consider the pros and cons
  6. Who should buy a Vancouver Penthouse?

What is your lifestyle like?

You won’t find many penthouses in the rental market because of the hefty price tag, and most of the time, they’re up for sale. There is a prestige that comes along with owning a Vancouver penthouse. 

If you are looking for a luxury home with some extra space and privacy without the hassle of owning land or having to pay for maintenance on your property, a penthouse could be an excellent option. 

Most Vancouver or Surrey penthouses are located in the downtown area, so you’d be in the heart of the city with everything you need within arms reach. 

In some cases, the penthouse isn’t the top floor of a building, but a townhouse on the main floor, which can be beneficial if you have a family or need the extra space. 

While you still have neighbours when you live in the penthouse suite, there is no one above you, so you don’t have to hear anyone walking around or making noise. 

Suppose you like taking in spectacular Vancouver views on a sizeable deck that may have a pool. In that case, a penthouse is a great solution. 

Choosing your realtor

Vancouver has many luxury properties, which is fantastic for those who want to purchase a penthouse because many realtors specialize in luxury transactions. 

In any home sale, it’s essential to have a realtor who knows about the type of property you want. You want to choose someone who has experience in both buying and selling penthouses. 

Typically, a luxury realtor will be clear about their niche through their marketing. You may want to ask around and choose someone who comes highly recommended by a friend or business partner. Finding a long list of realtors that deal solely with luxury properties isn’t hard to find. 

When dealing with large sums of money and high-value properties, finding someone you can trust is paramount. 

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What kind of amenities is important to you?

High-value condo buildings typically come with common areas, fitness facilities, pools, hot tubs, saunas, and more. Penthouse suites typically also come with their own set of unique amenities that differ from building to building. 

When you’re spending the kind of money on a penthouse, you want to ensure you’re choosing the amenities that mean the most to you. You want to ensure you have a good relationship with on-site management, that your privacy will be respected, and that your property is in good hands when you’re not around. 

A realtor specializing in Vancouver penthouses or Surrey penthouses will likely have a comprehensive understanding of the buildings in the city. While there are many, they should have knowledge of which buildings have which amenities. When you’re spending millions of dollars on a home, you want to get everything on your wishlist, and an experienced realtor can help with that. 

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Penthouse in Vancouver

What neighbourhoods are your favourite?

Vancouver has penthouses in Coal Harbour, Gastown, Yaletown, West End, and Downtown. Surrey has penthouses for sale across the city. 

When you opt for a penthouse, it’s most likely going to be near the city centre. Determining which neighbourhoods you prefer to call home will be a huge help in narrowing down your search for the perfect penthouse. 

Consider the pros and cons.


  • Extra space compared to typical condo living.
  • Perks like a gourmet kitchen, luxury finishes, and incredible architecture. 
  • Peace and quiet with no neighbours above you. 
  • Incredible city views from oversized balconies. 
  • Living in the ultimate luxury. 
  • Penthouse suites retain their value as they are scarce on the market. You aren’t immune to a volatile market, but you’re less likely to be impacted negatively. 
  • Low-maintenance. 


  • Huge cost. Spending millions of dollars on a condo of any size is a big decision to make. Depending on your financial situation, the money may not be an issue. Still, if you really can’t afford a penthouse, you may want to get luxury on a smaller scale. 
  • Penthouses on the top of the building have the potential for more damage because the roof is right above them at soaring heights. Suppose there is a leak on the roof. Your unit is going to take the brunt of the damage. You will likely have higher insurance premiums because of this as well. 
  • If you have a smaller balcony, the space may not be very usable, depending on the size of your building. There is a lot of wind at 40 stories high. 
  • Penthouse prices continue to rise because there is a limited inventory, and they’re scarce. You may end up paying way more for a property because of the title of the penthouse. 
  • Overindulgence. A penthouse is typically a lot of luxury that most of us don’t really need. Sure, if money is no object and you love penthouse living, it can be amazing. Otherwise, you may stretch yourself too thin, and people may treat you differently because of the perception of penthouse living. 

Who should buy a Vancouver Penthouse?

Suppose you’re a wealthy individual, who wants the lifestyle of a penthouse owner in the Vancouver area. In that case, a penthouse can be an excellent option. They are an investment that isn’t typically impacted by market trends. Especially for those who travel a lot, they can be rented to trusted friends or colleagues when they need a place to stay in Vancouver or Surrey. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury living, a penthouse may be an excellent option for you.