Top 10 Vancouver Suburbs

There are so many incredible neighbourhoods to choose from when moving to Vancouver, it can be hard to decide which is the perfect fit for you. The following is a list of the top ten suburbs found in Vancouver, featuring excellent real estate, some of the top B.C. schools, and plenty of local activity to keep all ages entertained! 

1. West Point Grey

This beautiful area is one of the oldest in all of Vancouver and can be found tucked in between the University of British Columbia and a vast expanse of natural parkland. This safe and quiet suburb is one of the top places for B.C. locals to raise a family and offers a true community feel. 

Real estate in West Point Grey:

Home to some of Vancouver’s most exclusive real estate, West Point Grey offers a variety of luxury, single-family homes situated on spacious lots. Many of these properties boast picturesque waterfront and mountain views. There are also plenty of upscale condos and townhomes found within the neighbourhood. 

Education in West Point Grey: 

There are several fantastic public and private schools available to the students of West Point Grey, some of which offer French Immersion programs. 

Elementary Education: 

  • Queen Elizabeth Elementary School
  • Queen Mary Elementary School
  • Jules Quesnel Elementary School

High Education:

  • Lord Byng Secondary School 

Private Education:

  • West Point Grey Academy

What to do in West Point Grey:

Among many wonderful amenities that offer family-friendly excursions are Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks, the perfect places to soak up the sun, play in the sand, and take in the gorgeous sunsets over the mountaintops. Annual events such as the Point Grey Fiesta also offer ample opportunity for fun and excitement!

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2. Dunbar

Up on the hilltops, complete with sweeping views overlooking Vancouver, sits Dunbar. The calm and peaceful tree-lined streets create the perfect suburban atmosphere. Tucked away from the chaos of busy city life, Dunbar is ideal for those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle. 

Real estate in Dunbar:

The real estate listings of Dunbar are made up of a mixture of unique and impressive homes. The majority of the neighbourhood is filled with detached, single-family homes and luxury mansions. As one of Vancouver’s most affluent neighbourhoods, Dunbar real estate is among the most expensive in the city. 

Real Estate in dunbar

Education in Dunbar:

Many of the schools in Dunbar overlap with the borders of West Point Grey due to their close proximity. 

Elementary Education: 

  • Queen Elizabeth Elementary School 
  • Jules Quesnel Elementary School
  • Kitchener Elementary School

Secondary Education: 

  • Lord Byng Secondary School
  • Prince of Wales Secondary School

Private Education: 

  • Immaculate Conception Elementary
  • Crofton House
  • St. George’s School

What to do in Dunbar:

A popular feature of the Dunbar neighbourhood is the Dunbar Community Centre. Here, guests can try numerous activities such as ping pong or fitness classes. Children can enjoy play-based learning at Dunbar Memorial Preschool within the centre. Several summer day camps and classes are also offered at this fantastic facility. 

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3. Mount Pleasant

Situated in the southern end of the city, just outside of the downtown area, Mount Pleasant is the perfect place for those who want a taste of downtown living yet are removed enough to enjoy the quiet surroundings of suburban life. 

Real estate in Mount Pleasant:

Residents of Mount Pleasant can choose from a diverse variety of housing styles including apartments, detached and semi-detached single-family homes, as well as duplexes. These homes are filled with character and cater to a wider range of lifestyles and budgets. 

Education in Mount Pleasant:

Being a smaller community, Mount Pleasant is home to just three public schools. 

Elementary Education: 

Mount Pleasant Elementary School

David Livingstone Elementary School

Secondary Education:

Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School 

What to do in Mount Pleasant:

The proximity to Downtown Vancouver allows Mount Pleasant locals to enjoy the best of both worlds: quiet suburban life and trendy city amenities. Residents can easily travel via public transportation and enjoy the vibrant art and dining scenes of the city. A plethora of local shops, craft breweries, and beautiful parks are just waiting to be explored! 

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4. West End

The beautiful West End is known for its natural, tree-lined streets, pedestrian-only roads, and picturesque real estate. Found near the heart of Vancouver, it’s hard to believe that a quiet suburb such as West End could be found in the midst of such a densely populated city. Alas, it exists and it is fabulous! 

Real estate in West End:

Many families and retirees are attracted to West End’s charming homes, townhouses, and spacious condos. Closer to Downtown is a selection of upscale condominium buildings and deeper into the neighbourhood showcases magnificent, Victorian-style homes. 

West End Vancouver Real Estate

Education in West End:

West End may be smaller in size, but that just means that resident students are able to easily walk to the two incredible schools found within the community’s borders. 

Elementary Education:

Lord Roberts Elementary School

Secondary Education:

King George Secondary School 

What to do in West End: Bordered by the ocean, the famous Stanley Park, and Downtown Vancouver, West End residents have a diverse selection of amenities and entertainment to choose from. Whether your hobbies include hiking or shopping, boating or dancing, finding something to suit your interests in this amazing area is a breeze! 

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5. Kitsilano

Kitsilano, or Kits to many of the locals, is a relaxed neighbourhood that maintains a ‘60s atmosphere. Known to be incredibly eco-friendly and progressive, Kitsilano is a trendy community, perfect for young working professionals and families who are looking for a friendly, beach town setting. 

Real estate in Kitsilano:

There are plenty of single-family, detached homes as well as semi-detached family homes found in Kitsilano. Along with the quiet subdivisions found in this laid back beach community are several low-rise apartment and condo buildings, consisting of five storeys or less. 

Education in Kitsilano: 

Elementary Education: 

  • Bayview Elementary School
  • False Creek Elementary School
  • General Gordon Elementary School
  • Henry Hudson Elementary School
  • Lord Tennyson Elementary School

Secondary Education: 

  • Kitsilano Secondary School
  • Lord Byng Secondary School

Private Education: 

  • St. Augustine Catholic School
  • Fraser Academy

What to do in Kitsilano:

As stated, Kitsilano is a beach community, so clearly, the top attraction in this area is the Kitsilano Beach as well as Kits Pool, the only saltwater outdoor pool in the city. Alongside the beach is Vanier Park, the ideal destination for a family picnic or gathering with friends. 

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6. Hastings-Sunrise

Located in the northeastern corner of Vancouver, the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood boasts stunning views of the surrounding city as well as Burnaby Mountain. Originally, this fabulous neighbourhood was a beach and summer getaway for wealthy New Westminster residents. These days, Hastings-Sunrise is not only a popular vacation destination, but home to more than 34,000 permanent residents. 

Real estate in Hastings-Sunrise:

Between the affordable prices and the stunning heritage homes, Hastings-Sunrise has a little something for everyone! The neighbourhood’s real estate listings are dominated by free-standing, single-family homes, but there are also a few multi-family buildings scattered into the mix.  

Education in Hastings-Sunrise:

Hastings-Sunrise is home to nine public schools, both elementary and secondary institutions. 

Education Hastings Sunrise

Elementary Education: 

  • Chief Maquinna Elementary School
  • Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary School
  • Hastings Elementary School
  • Sir John Franklin Elementary School
  • Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary School
  • Thunderbird Elementary School
  • Tillicum Annex

Secondary Education:

  • Vancouver Technical Secondary School
  • Templeton Secondary School

What to do in Hastings-Sunrise:

Although Hastings-Sunrise is primarily a residential neighbourhood, residents definitely have no shortage of entertainment. The area is home to three stadiums as well as a well-known thoroughbred racetrack. The most notable attraction in the community, however, is the 15-acre Pacific National Exhibition, or Playland, which is Canada’s oldest amusement park. 

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7. Shaughnessy 

Shaughnessy has been the perfect example of exquisite real estate and a thriving neighbourhood since 1885. This quiet oasis can be found in the heart of Vancouver and is one of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. Surrounded by a park-like setting, Shaughnessy has a calming presence and is one of the safest communities in the city. 

Real estate in Shaughnessy:

As one of Vancouver’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, it’s safe to say that the real estate of Shaughnessy is some of the top priced properties in the city, and for good reason. The heritage homes found within the neighbourhood were designed by some of the leading architects at the time. 

Education in Shaughnessy:

There are three public schools found within Shaughnessy’s neighbourhood limits as well as two private institutions. 

Elementary Education: 

  • Shaughnessy Elementary School
  • Quilchena Elementary School 

Secondary Education: 

  • Point Grey Secondary School 

Private Education: 

  • Little Flower Academy
  • York House School

What to do in Shaughnessy:

Shaughnessy locals can enjoy one of the five immaculate parks found within the community. These areas are ideal for a beautiful afternoon spent picnicking, enjoying the scenic walking paths, or bringing the little ones to enjoy the fantastic playgrounds. One of the most stunning attractions in the area is the VanDusen Botanical Garden and the Arbutus Greenway. 

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8. Killarney 

Located in East Vancouver, Killarney was one of the last sections of the city to be developed. What used to consist mostly of farmland was reconstructed after World War II and made into a popular residential area. Now, more than 28,000 B.C. locals call Killarney home and a thriving community has been built up. 

Real estate in Killarney:

The real estate of Killarney is made up of detached, single-family homes, townhomes, and high-rise units found along the Fraser River, offering spectacular views out over the water and the surrounding city. The neighbourhood’s diverse housing selection creates the perfect spot for families, singles, and retirees alike. 

Killarney Real Estate

Education in Killarney:

The students of Killarney have a selection of five elementary schools and one secondary school, although some students on the outskirts of the neighbourhood may attend the neighbouring Windermere Secondary School. 

Elementary Education:

  • Captain James Cook Elementary School
  • Dr. George M. Weir Elementary School
  • Dr. H.N. MacCorkindale Elementary School
  • Champlain Heights Elementary School
  • Champlain Heights Annex

Secondary Education:

  • Killarney Secondary School

What to do in Killarney:

Killarney is filled with and surrounded by natural green spaces and beautiful parklands. Along with these natural landscapes are beautiful trails, ravines, and waterfalls to enjoy. For the more active outdoor enthusiasts, Fraserview Golf Course offers the perfect natural setting to brush up on your golf swing. 

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9. Kensington-Cedar Cottage 

Situated in the depths of East Vancouver, Kensington-Cedar Cottage is a beautiful and diverse neighbourhood, home to approximately 50,000 people. This family-friendly community is filled with friendly and welcoming residents! 

Real estate in Kensington-Cedar Cottage:

Kensington-Cedar Cottage features an affordable assortment of detached, single-family homes and duplexes. These properties feature panoramic views from high up on the east-west ridge of the city. Surrounding many of the homes is Hendry Park and Trout Lake. 

Education in Kensington-Cedar Cottage:

Students in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage area have ten elementary school options and four secondary school options. 

Elementary Education: 

  • Lord Selkirk Elementary School
  • Selkirk Annex
  • Tyee Elementary School
  • Charles Dickens Elementary School
  • Charles Dickens Annex
  • Sir Richard McBride Elementary School
  • McBride Annex
  • Tecumseh Elementary School
  • Tecumseh Annex
  • Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary School

Secondary Education:

  • Gladstone Secondary School
  • Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School
  • David Thompson Secondary School
  • John Oliver Secondary School

What to do in Kensington-Cedar Cottage:

There are a number of exceptional events that take place every year in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighbourhood. This includes the exciting Latin Summer Fest, the Philippine Pinoy Fiesta Parade, and plenty of celebrations on National Aboriginal Day. 

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10. Renfrew-Collingwood 

Often referred to as the “Gateway into Vancouver,” Renfrew-Collingwood is a residential area filled with parks and green spaces found just along the border of the city. This eclectic community is the second most populous neighbourhood in Vancouver with approximately 50,500 residents and is known for the welcoming atmosphere and friendly locals. 

Real estate in Renfrew-Collingwood:

Renfrew-Collingwood is filled with affordable housing, the most common of which is pre-1980 duplex buildings. This quiet suburb is filled with investment opportunities, as approximately 38 percent of residents opt to rent their home instead of purchase. 

Education in Renfrew-Collingwood:

The size of Renfrew-Collingwood calls for more educational options for students in the area. There are nine public elementary schools and two secondary schools available to students in kindergarten through grade twelve. 

Elementary Education: 

  • Graham D. Bruce Elementary School
  • Bruce Annex
  • George T. Cunningham Elementary School
  • John Norquay Elementary School 
  • Lord Beaconsfield Elementary School
  • Nootka Elementary School
  • Renfrew Elementary School
  • Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School
  • Sir Wilfred Grenfell Elementary School

Secondary Education: 

  • Windermere Secondary School
  • Gladstone Secondary School 

Private Education: 

  • Vancouver Formosa Academy

What to do in Renfrew-Collingwood:

There’s ample opportunity for Renfrew-Collingwood residents to commune with nature in one of the many parks or recreation areas. The Renfrew Ravine Park has undergone recent upgrades and improvements, including creekside walking trails, a scenic boardwalk, and a lively dog park. 

Refrew-Collingwood To Do

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No matter which neighbourhood intrigues you most, each of these Vancouver suburbs are sure to pique your curiosity in one way or another. Each community offers a unique selection of amenities and real estate, attracting people of all walks of life! 

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