Best Downtown Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Downtown Vancouver has quickly become one of the hottest destinations in the province featuring a wide selection of neighbourhoods and communities that offer a little something for everyone. People of all walks of life, from young, working professionals to budding families to retiring seniors can find their place among the vibrant, urban areas. 

Each neighbourhood found among the Downtown core features its own unique collection of shops, restaurants, and housing styles so those considering moving to the area have ample selection to choose from. Whether you’re seeking a trendy loft-style condo in the middle of all the action or you’re hoping to find the perfect suburban townhouse, you’re bound to find something to suit your needs among the Vancouver listings. 

To narrow down the search, we’ve compiled a list of the top three neighbourhoods to live in Downtown Vancouver. These communities have been ranked on the proffered amenities, the schools in the area, and the general atmosphere of the locals. Read on to discover more about these incredible British Columbia neighbourhoods! 


Located along Vancouver’s West Side, along the south shore of English Bay, is the beautiful Kitsilano neighbourhood, also known as Kits to the locals. This charming coastal community is ranked second as the most recognizable community in all of Canada, beat only by Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood. 

Home to approximately 40,595 people, Kitsilano is made up of mostly residential space as well as two commercial areas along West 4th Avenue and West Broadway. The locals are familiar with stunning scenery, incredible beaches, and the perfect blend of urban and suburban lifestyle. The proximity to Vancouver’s downtown core offers Kits residents ample opportunity to explore the shops, restaurants, clubs, and coffee shops that line the streets. 

Kitsilano Real Estate

Kitsilano offers a myriad of diverse housing options to locals and potential residents alike. Those looking to transfer to this beautiful area can find a mixture of California bungalows, heritage homes, low-rise condo buildings, townhouses, and duplexes. 

The average cost of real estate in Kitsilano is approximately $1,330,277, although prices range from as low as $499,900 to well over $15 million. 

Kitsilano Real Estate

Kitsilano Schools

There are nine educational institutions available to the students of the Kitsilano neighbourhood, including both public school options as well as privately run options. 

Elementary schools found in Kitsilano: 

Bayview Elementary

Address: 2251 Collingwood Street, Vancouver, BC V6R 3L1

Phone: (604) 713-5433

Gordon Elementary 

Address: 2896 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 1X1

Phone: (604) 713-5403

Henry Hudson Elementary

Address: 1551 Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 3L3

Phone: (604) 713-5441

Tennyson Elementary 

Address: 1936 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 2B2

Phone: (604) 713-5426

Secondary schools found in Kitsilano: 

Kitsilano Secondary 

Address: 2550 W. 10th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6K 2J6

Phone: (604) 713-8961

Private schools found in Kitsilano: 

Fraser Academy

Address: 2294 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 2H8

Phone: (604) 736-5575

St. Augustine’s School

Address: 2145 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 2A5

Phone: (604) 731-8024

St. John’s International School

Address: 1885 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y5

Phone: (604) 683-4572

St. John’s School

Address: 2155 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 2J1

Phone: (604) 732-4434

Kitsilano Amenities

Kitsilano is famous for the incredible events and festivals that the neighbourhood plays host to throughout the year. These annual events are a treat for locals as well as the many visitors who come to join in the festivities from all over Vancouver. 

Some of the top festivals held in Kitsilano include:

  • Vancouver International Children’s Festival
  • The Bard on the Beach Outdoor Shakespeare Festival
  • The Celebration of Light Fireworks Competition
  • Greek Day
  • The Khatsahlano Street Party

Kitsilano Amenities

Along with the numerous festivals, Kitsilano is also home to seventeen beautiful parks including the Kitsilano beach Park, which is one of the most popular destinations in the community. The waterfront offers plenty of opportunities for activities and recreation such as tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, swimming, and jogging, biking, or rollerblading along the seawall. 

Kitsilano Commute to Nearby Cities

Richmond: 16 kilometres (30 minutes) via Granville St / BC-99 S

New Westminster: 24 kilometres (48 minutes) via Kingsway / BC-1A / BC-99A S

Burnaby: 17 kilometres (33 minutes) via W 4th Avenue / Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E

Coquitlam: 36 kilometres (50 minutes) via Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E

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Yaletown is a trendy and vibrant neighbourhood, built out of the remains of an industrial district that was once dominated by warehouses and rail yards. In more recent years, these warehouses have been converted into hip lofts and apartment buildings and is now one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in Vancouver. 

Located along the shore of False Creek and the borders of the Stanley Park Seawall, Yaletown is blessed with some of the most picturesque scenery in the area. Locals can relax, unwind, and commune with nature amidst this urban and thriving community. 

Yaletown Real Estate

The real estate world of Yaletown has been dedicated to the conversion and renovation of dusty, old warehouses into gorgeous, contemporary living spaces. Not only are these warehouses converted into fantastic residential units, but commercial units as well. Plenty of retail shops and eclectic eateries can be found within the borders of the neighbourhood. 

One of the main forms of residential options in Yaletown is loft-style apartments and condos. A mixture of high-rise and low-rise buildings as well as beautiful townhouses offer the perfect place for working professionals and young adults who wish to live within the heart of all the action. 

The average cost of real estate in Yaletown is approximately $1,079,820 and potential residents can peruse listings consisting of everything from humble studio apartments to spacious, penthouse suites. 

Yaletown Real Estate

Yaletown Schools

There are a total of four schools available to the students of the Yaletown neighbourhood as well as two more, just outside of its borders. 

Elementary schools found in Yaletown:

Elsie Roy Elementary School

Address: 150 Drake St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2X1

Phone: 604-713-5890

Secondary schools found in Yaletown: 

Lowell High School

Address: 210-750 Hamilton St. Vancouver, BC V6B 2R5

Phone: 604-336-0456

Private schools found in Yaletown: 

The Westside Schools Miniversity

211 Nelson St. Vancouver, BC V6B 0P2

Phone: 604-687-8021

The Westside Junior School

788 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M1

Phone: 604-687-8021

Pattison High School

Address: 981 Nelson St. Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B6

Phone: (604) 608-8788

Westside Preparatory School

Address: 101 Smithe St. Vancouver, BC V6B 1C2

Phone: (604) 687-8021

Yaletown Amenities

There are three parks found within the Yaletown neighbourhood, all of which surround False Creek:

  • David Lam Park
  • Creekside Park
  • Cooper’s Park

Yaletown Amenities

These parks offer plenty of space for recreation and activity such as hiking, jogging, and biking along the many scenic trails, ample sports fields for soccer, baseball, or football, as well as athletics courts for tennis or basketball. 

The Seawall runs along the stretch of waterfront along the borders of Yaletown. This unique and historical architectural structure served as loading docks for years and now consists of beautiful walkways, restaurants, and boutique shops. 

Shopping enthusiasts can find it all in Yaletown. From high-end, custom furniture to home decor and designer clothing, the colourful shops that fill the neighbourhood provide a wide variety of goods and services. Among the fantastic shops are a collection of theatres and restaurants that offers seemingly endless entertainment and dining options to residents and visitors alike.  

Yaletown Commute to Nearby Cities

Richmond: 16 kilometres (30 minutes) via BC-99 S

New Westminster: 25 kilometres (41 minutes) Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E

Burnaby: 14 kilometres (27 minutes) via Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E

Coquitlam: 33 kilometres (47 minutes) via Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E

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West End

West End is not only one of the most historic Downtown neighbourhoods, but it’s also one of the liveliest! Ideally located along the very core of Vancouver’s downtown area, West End is also a gateway to the expansive Stanley Park and is bordered by the English Bay. 

Historically, the area started out as a heavily forested section of Vancouver land. When development began, this incredible stretch of land turned out to be the city’s very first upscale neighbourhood. West End has continued to grow and thrive and now makes up the city’s largest gay community, a collection of stunning heritage homes, and towering, high-rise apartment and condo buildings. The beautiful parks and beaches draw visitors from neighbouring communities on the weekends and offer some of the most scenic landscapes in Vancouver. 

West End Real Estate

The real estate of West End is made up of a mixture of mid-rise and high-rise buildings, offering both ownership and rental units. The main development boom hit around the 60s and 70s, so these buildings have contributed to the community for decades, yet renovations and upgrades have kept this upscale neighbourhood in tip-top shape. 

Older, single-family homes can be found along Mole Hill and Beach Avenue. These houses have also been well preserved and add an historical charm to the community. Many of these homes sit along tree-lined streets and offer a quiet and calm community, the perfect place for families to raise their children as well as retirees looking for a more tranquil setting among the urban Vancouver neighbourhoods. 

The average cost of real estate in West End is approximately $993,000, though homes can be found ranging from as little as $279,000 to more than $14 million. 

West End Real Estate

West End Schools

There are five public and private schools found within the borders of the West End neighbourhood, some of which are among the top ranking schools in Vancouver. 

Elementary schools found in West End:

Lord Roberts Elementary School 

Address: 1100 Bidwell St. Vancouver, BC V6G 2K4

Phones: (604) 713-5055

Lord Roberts Annex 

Address: 1150 Nelson St. Vancouver, BC V6E 1J2

Phone: (604) 713-5495

Secondary schools found in West End:

King George Secondary 

Address: 1755 Barclay St. Vancouver, BC N6G 1K6

Phone: (604) 713-8999

Private schools found in West End:

Pattison High School

Address: 981 Nelson St. Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B6

Phone: (604) 608-8788

Westside Preparatory School

Address: 101 Smithe St. Vancouver, BC V6B 1C2

Phone: (604) 687-8021

West End Amenities

One of the main selling features to homes in the West End community is the close proximity to the vast and beautiful Stanley Park. Locals can venture through the winding walking paths, enjoy the tranquil scenery, or get active within the confines of this incredible, popular destination. Many residents take up biking as a hobby and explore the grounds of the park as well as the adjoining Seawall and downtown streets. 

For water enthusiasts, West End is located along English Bay. Here, locals can rent a kayak, try their skills at paddleboarding, or cruise around the waters and explore the inlets with a friend in a canoe. 

Davie Street is one of the most famous streets found in West End. Home to some of the top dining establishments, this trendy area features an eclectic array of food such as farm-to-table bistros, taco joints, quaint coffee shops, burger bars, and so much more! The area is filled with pubs, brew-houses, and clubs to satisfy the resident night owls as well. 

West End Amenities

West End Commute to Nearby Cities

Richmond: 17 kilometres (38 minutes) via Howe St / BC-99 S

New Westminster: 27 kilometres (42 minutes) via W Hastings St / BC-7A / Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E

Burnaby: 15 kilometres (30 minutes) via W Hastings St / BC-7A / Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E

Coquitlam: 34 kilometres (48 minutes) via W Hastings St / BC-7A / Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E

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Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of the busy, urban lifestyle or you’re more of a quiet, relaxed suburbanite, Downtown Vancouver offers the best of both worlds! Kitsilano, Yaletown, and West End are just three of the many, many communities found in the Downtown core of Vancouver and it’s clear to see why these ones make it to the top of the list! The incredible scenery, the colourful locals, and the delectable dining is enough to persuade anyone to consider joining the ranks of local Vancouverites! 

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