5 Safest Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Often among the top rankings for best places to live in British Columbia and even Canada. It’s not just the ideal, coastal location along the Pacific Ocean, the amazing amenities and attractions, or the colourful art scene that makes Vancouver so popular; there’s also the crime rate to consider. Many of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods offer some of the safest living conditions around. 

A study done for The Economist, an international magazine, proved that the Greater Vancouver area has consecutively ranked among the top ten most livable cities. In 2019, the magazine ranked Vancouver as the sixth most livable city due to its low crime rates, cultural diversity, and quality educational systems. 

When assessing a city’s livability score, crime plays a major contributing factor. For a city as large as Vancouver to score so high, allowing its residents to feel safe and secure, even at night, is an incredible achievement! 

Those considering a Vancouver neighbourhood as their next home will greatly take into consideration the safety offered to the current residents. There are so many fantastic communities in the city, many of which are an excellent option for families as they are safe, welcoming, and surrounded by beautifully maintained parks and recreation areas. This list will showcase the five neighbourhoods that have produced the lowest crime rates in the Greater Vancouver area. 

1. South Cambie


South Cambie can be found just east of Shaughnessy on Vancouver’s west side beside the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park. With a population of approximately 6,995 and known as the city’s smallest neighbourhood, South Cambie was often overlooked and started out as nothing in particular. Until 2010, when the construction of SkyTrain’s Canada Line was completed and transporting throughout the neighbourhood and to surrounding communities was made much easier!

Ever since the SkyTrain project was finished, South Cambie has become a highly desirable area! Contributing to its appeal is the area’s easily walkable shopping district, Cambie Village. Even after South Cambie was put on the map, however, the community remains the smallest in the city and as such, the crime rates are at some of the city’s lowest. Residents can choose from a variety of transportation including the train, walking, biking, or driving, and reports show that current residents have no qualms about doing any of those activities late at night or on their own. 

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2. Arbutus Ridge

It’s hard not to feel safe when you walk through the gorgeous, tree-lined streets of Arbutus Ridge. Everything about this quaint and quiet neighbourhood screams friendly and welcoming and is brimming with small-town charm. More than 15,000 people call Arbutus Ridge home and boast not only the low crime rates but the access to incredibly nearby amenities. 

Arbutus Ridge is made up of a selection of large lots featuring primarily detached, single-family homes. The surrounding parks are immaculate and are the perfect destinations for a tranquil walk along the many scenic paths and trails or to take the little ones to enjoy a picnic and a play on the play equipment. 

Arbutus Neighbourhood

The lack of large shopping centres or rowdy bars like in other Vancouver neighbourhoods adds to the peaceful setting of Arbutus Ridge. This charming, little family community provides the ideal home to those looking for tranquility and safety. 

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3. Shaughnessy

Home to approximately 9,000 Vancouver locals, Shaughnessy is one of the most coveted locations to reside within the city. The area is made up of towering trees, quiet parks, and is almost completely residential. 

Shaughnessy has long been known to house some of Vancouver’s wealthiest residents, dating back to the early 20th century. The generous lots host stately heritage homes and mature trees, offering the ultimate private and peaceful setting within the city. Coupled with the fact that Shaughnessy has consistently produced some of the lowest crime rates, both violent- and property-based, it’s plain to see the draw of this fantastic Vancouver neighbourhood. 

This exclusive community offers a safety that you can find in many wealthy neighbourhoods. Locals pay for the privacy and security offered by sheltered lots and top-rated security systems as well as on-call security companies. 

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4. Kerrisdale

Kerrisdale is also found in Vancouver’s west side and features a mixture of old and new. The real estate found in the neighbourhood is made up of new construction developments, more mature bungalows, and a few low- and mid-rise condominium buildings. 

Kerrisdale is home to a bustling shopping district as well as a residential community made up of just about everyone, from university students to retirees and everyone in between. With such a sprawling demographic and the busy mixture of established local businesses and upscale chains and franchises, you might think that Kerrisdale would be prone to more crime activity.

Kerrisdale Neighbourhood

Such is not the case, however. Kerrisdale has actually ranked as the Vancouver neighbourhood with the fourth lowest number of reported crimes. The locals feel safe and secure as they browse the variety of shopping options and report a welcoming community filled with friendly city-dwellers; the perfect small-town neighbourhood to raise a family!

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5. West Point Grey

Located close to the University of British Columbia, West Point Grey is another affluent, upscale neighbourhood. Home to many trendy houses, condos, and unique heritage properties, West Point Grey is ideal for a wide demographic. 

The surrounding area is filled with colourful shops, fabulous restaurants, and a host of other fantastic amenities, making West Point Grey an ideal Vancouver community to people of all walks of life. Many students and families with young children live in the area and find very little trouble while they’re out and about in the community. 

This chic neighbourhood is known to be incredibly walkable, particularly for the many students who attend the nearby university. Most who choose to walk over drive have reported that they feel safe and have no hesitation to wander the West Point Grey streets on their own or late at night. The low crime statistics taken of the area prove that pedestrians have nothing to fear in this vibrant neighbourhood. 

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For such a large city, home to more than 675,000 people, Vancouver is surprisingly one of the safest cities in the country. From South Cambrie to West Point Grey, these five incredible neighbourhoods are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of low crime rates. There are plenty of other fantastic options found within the city as well for current and potential residents alike. Whether you’re looking to take up residence near Downtown or prefer to remain along the outer perimeter of the city, Vancouver offers a number of safe, friendly, and welcoming communities. 


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