Moving to Marpole, Vancouver

Marpole is a Vancouver neighbourhood that is currently one of the most sought-after areas to live in due to the excellent balance of proximity to Downtown Vancouver, affordability, and top-ranking schools. 

The neighbourhood stretches north from the Fraser River to Oak Street and east from Clark Drive to 65th Avenue. Marpole was named after Dr. John Marpole, an early resident and first Mayor of Vancouver.  His farm was located in the area where Oak Street is today.

There are so many fantastic reasons to move to this wonderful region of Vancouver that it's hard to narrow them down. This article will cover the top five reasons why you should consider moving to Marpole today! 

1. Laid Back Neighbourhood Vibes

Marpole is a gem in the rough. It is a relatively less hectic neighbourhood in the heart of Vancouver that you should definitely consider moving to if you are thinking about it. The locals here are friendly and welcoming, which means that it should be easy for you to adjust no matter where you come from or what your life experience may be!

The vibe is very neighbourhood-like! People who live in the area are known to welcome newcomers with open arms. If you're new to Canada, this is a great place for you because people are much more down to earth and laid back compared to other areas in Vancouver. You can walk or bike anywhere at any time of the day without worrying about your safety unlike other areas in the city. Marpole is a great place for families with young children or retirees because most houses are near schools and parks.

Living in Marpole, Vancouver

So who currently lives in Marpole? The neighbourhood caters to a wide demographic and targets young, old, Canadian-born, and immigrants alike! Among the population are: 

  • Young professionals who are looking for a nice quiet place to live that is close enough to Downtown Vancouver but without the high cost of living.  
  • Retirees who want somewhere where it's easy to explore the city on foot or by bike, and who enjoy discovering new things in nature.  
  • Families with young children because there are many good schools and fantastic parks nearby. 
  • Anyone who is looking for cheaper alternatives to the popular areas like Kitsilano, Fairview, or Yaletown.  

Economically speaking, this neighbourhood is also within reach for young families and new arrivals to Canada. Most real estate here does not cost a fortune by Vancouver standards (single-family homes are around $1 million). There are also rental options available for those who wish to try before buying in Marpole itself or nearby on the city's east side.

2. Affordable Real Estate Options



Speaking of real estate, Marpole still retains its affordability when compared to other areas of the city. The average housing price in Marpole is a lot more affordable than the West Side and Downtown Vancouver, which are certainly not within everybody's budget, featuring homes around the $1 million mark. There are plenty of homes suited for all budgets for sale in the area too, and this will likely only increase as housing prices continue to be at an all-time high. Once you move here, you can also take advantage of the housing market's stability and invest in a home for long-term investment!

There is a wide variety of housing designs in Marpole; from waterfront mansions to cottage-style bungalows, this neighbourhood has something for everyone. For those with a taste for the finer things, you might enjoy living surrounded by nature at one of the many waterfront properties on offer. For others who want to live close to the city, you can find many of those as well. Most homes are located near schools, parks and, shops too.

For those looking to rent rather than buy, there are plenty of great options to consider as well. Most listings in the area are priced around $1,750 per month, which is a steal for any neighbourhood in Vancouver! Some of the most popular buildings to rent from in Marpole include: 

  • Woodwards Building
  • Marpole Village Tower
  • Pacific Towers
  • 200 False Creek Place West
  • 1000 W. Pender Street
  • 1600 West 2nd Avenue

No matter what stage of life you're at, just starting out on your own, growing your budding family, or nearing your retirement years, Marpole has an excellent selection of real estate catered to all walks of life! 

Real estate photo

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3. Plenty of Local Businesses and Establishments to Explore



One of the best things about Marpole is proximity to amenities. You will find everything you need in the area. Whether you want to work out, do your grocery shopping or go shopping for clothes, there are plenty of options right here in Marpole.

The area offers many local independent businesses: a yoga studio, diverse restaurants, cozy cafes and coffee shops, grocery shops, and even its own movie theatre! Marpole is a great place to meet people, too. Unlike Downtown Vancouver, where socializing seems more difficult due to the huge influx of new arrivals, here neighbours are actually willing to strike up conversations with you and get to know each other!

Coffee Shop Marpole

For those that are looking for even more amenities, getting into Downtown Vancouver from Marpole is a breeze by car or public transit, less than 20 minutes away.  If you're a bike enthusiast, it's even better. You can bike through the scenic seawall from Marpole all the way to downtown, about one hour there and back on a nice day!

4. Quality Educational Options Available for Students



You can find a number of schools close by from elementary to secondary levels, including Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School and Andy Livingstone Elementary. If you have kids in school or are about to enroll them here, Marpole is the perfect place! 

There is also an independent school nearby called Bialik College, which offers both secular and Judaic studies, for those looking for an alternative to the public school system. 

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is one of Canada's largest post-secondary institutions with campuses located throughout Greater Vancouver and an attendance of about 27,000 students. BCIT offers more than 150 programs including degrees, diplomas, certificates, apprenticeships and traineeships in fields such as Electrical Engineering Technology; Mechanical Engineering Technology; Computer Systems Technology; Applied Computer Science; Business Administration; and more. 

For those that are looking for some post-graduate studies, the University of British Columbia is also nearby. The university has played a significant role in Vancouver's history since its founding in 1908. With an enrollment of over 54,000 undergraduate and graduate students studying programs in fields such as science, arts, medicine, business and much more.

5. A Green Haven Surrounded By Natural Beauty



The Marpole area is also a lot greener than most of the city which means more fresh air. The locals of this beautiful, green area have easy access to a number of parks such as Andy Livingstone Park, Glen Dene Park, and Riley Park among many others. These parks are perfect for peace of mind when you're thinking about where your family can run around in safety. It's definitely a green haven in the city with lots of trees and birds around!

Marpole Nature

Marpole is nestled close to the amazing, untouched wilderness of Pacific Spirit Park, which means more room for the kids to explore. With naturalist programs in place, there are many opportunities for the kids to discover all that nature has to offer.

Popular outdoor hobbies for Marpole residents include hiking, biking, and walking in the Pacific Spirit Park or along the scenic seawall. Alternatively, you can always choose to enjoy some time at one of the many beaches around Vancouver. There's ample opportunity to get out and explore some of nature's finest in this gorgeous section of a busy city. 

For those looking to move to an area of the city that also offers beautiful, natural landscapes, Marpole may just be the place for you! 

By now, surely you're convinced that Marpole is the place to be if you're considering a move to a popular, trendy, and welcoming Vancouver community! From the attractive real estate options to the gorgeous landscapes, Marpole can offer a unique living experience that's hard to find elsewhere. The neighbourhood is a wonderful area of Vancouver that's close to everything you need without being too close to the hustle and bustle of busy urban living. It has plenty of amenities and green spaces for residents of all ages to enjoy and if you're looking for an affordable place in the city with access to great schools, then Marpole may just be the place for you to call home and is definitely worth some serious consideration!

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