10 Tips For Moving Out For The First Time

Moving out for the first time is an exciting, though somewhat daunting process! Maybe you are starting University, relocating for a job, or purchased your first home. Regardless of what your reasoning is, there are a lot of things to consider, prepare for and do. 

Here are 10 tips to make the process of moving out for the first time an easier transition.

Inventory Your Clothes

What clothes you take will depend on several factors. Will you have limited space? Do you have clothes you no longer wear? Maybe much of what you have no longer fits, but you haven’t gotten rid of it. Perhaps the clothes in your closet aren’t suitable for your new job. Or perhaps the majority of your wardrobe no longer represents your preferred style. Maybe you’d like to make a fresh start in the way you dress to match this new phase of life. If the clothes you won’t be taking with you are in good shape, this is the perfect opportunity to box them up and take them to your local second-hand store. 

Decide What Other Necessities You’ll Be Taking As Well

Now that you’ve zeroed in on which clothes you want to take with you, it’s time to consider what other items you’ll need. Bedding? Pillows? Toiletries? Furniture? Appliances? Kitchenware? Walk through your new place, either physically or in your mind. Think about what you’ll need in each room and make a list. Compare that list to items you already have.

If Applicable, Keep Your Roommates in Mind

If you won’t be living on your own, it’s important to remember that sharing space means compromising, something you’ve likely already learned at home. You won’t want your roommate’s belongings cluttering your living area, and the reverse is true as well. To keep the peace, it’s easier to start with only the necessities and a few things to personalize your space. You can add items after you and your roommates find a rhythm that works.

Create a Shopping List of Clothes and Other Items You Need

Now that you have a good idea of what you have and what you still need, it’s time to make a shopping list. Be as specific as possible. This will help you remain focused while you’re shopping. If you have a detailed list, you’ll be less likely to purchase items just because they catch your eye. Practicality is good, but it doesn’t hurt to buy something special, a Just Because gift for yourself. A throw cushion or two in your favourite colour. Something to hang on the wall that reflects your unique taste. A fun doormat.

Pack Up

Effective, systematic packing over several days, or even weeks, can save you a lot of aggravation. With your list in hand, begin packing those things you’ll be taking to your new place. Begin with items you won’t need again until you move. Be sure to protect breakables by wrapping them in items of clothing, paper towel, or bubble wrap. Be careful not to place anything heavy on top of them even so. Speaking of heavy items, place only one or two in the bottom of each box. This makes the boxes far easier to carry and less likely to break. As moving day approaches, continue to pack up items you can do without. The last things to toss into your backpack or duffle bag are those that you use the morning before you leave: pajamas, toiletries, your pillow, etc.

10 Tips For Moving Out For The First Time

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Take One or Two Mementos from Childhood

You may think it’s silly but having a few of your favourite childhood mementos can remind you of the people who love you and the happy memories you built with them. Sound sappy? While it may be hard to imagine that the faded comforter you had when you were in elementary school, the raggedy stuffed bear you took with you wherever you went, or the baby blanket your grandmother crocheted for you before you were born have any place in your new life, one day you just may be glad you have them. Even if you keep them tucked in the bottom drawer of your dresser or stuffed in the back of your closet.

Box Up Items You’re Leaving Behind

You may not be able to take all your things with you. If that’s the case, do your family a huge favour by boxing up everything you’re leaving behind so it will be easy for them to store. And if you label the boxes, it will be easy for them to find something you accidentally left behind should you need it. And before those boxes get stored in your closet, the basement, or the garage, double-check to see if there’s anything you could pass along. You may have already taken a trip or two to the second-hand store, but doing so one more time can benefit you, your family, and the recipients of items you’re ready to pass along.

Leave Your Room Clean and Tidy

In addition to packing up clothes and other items you’re leaving behind, leaving a clean, tidy room behind will show your appreciation for your family. You can begin this new phase of life knowing you haven’t left a lot of extra work for your family. 

Get Together with Friends

When you’re embarking on a new adventure, it may be easy to focus only on that adventure and the new friendships you’ll develop. However, it’s important to remember the friends you’ve shared countless experiences with over the years. Getting together with them, one by one or in a large group, is a great way to celebrate where you’ve been as well as where you’re going.

10 Tips For Moving Out For The First Time

Plan a Fun Evening with Your Family

This is a big change for you, but it’s also a big change for your family. What do you enjoy doing together? Going out for supper? Ordering pizza and watching a movie? Playing a board game? After everything is ready to go, get together and enjoy some time with your family. It will make good memories for you as you begin your new adventure—and for them as they send you off.